Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken

A 60 Second Review by Anne Brees

(This is the second book in The Darkest Minds Trilogy. I’ve also reviewed the first book, The Darkest Minds.  Spoilers below.)

★★★★★ (5.00)
Genre – Young Adult Science Fiction

Summary – Ruby never asked for the abilities that almost cost her her life. Now she 16150830must call upon them on a daily basis, leading dangerous missions to bring down a corrupt government and breaking into the minds of her enemies. Other kids in the Children’s League call Ruby “Leader”, but she knows what she really is: a monster.

When Ruby is entrusted with an explosive secret, she must embark on her most dangerous mission yet: leaving the Children’s League behind. Crucial information about the disease that killed most of America’s children—and turned Ruby and the others who lived into feared and hated outcasts—has survived every attempt to destroy it. But the truth is only saved in one place: a flashdrive in the hands of Liam Stewart, the boy Ruby once believed was her future—and who now wouldn’t recognize her.

As Ruby sets out across a desperate, lawless country to find Liam—and answers about the catastrophe that has ripped both her life and America apart—she is torn between old friends and the promise she made to serve the League. Ruby will do anything to protect the people she loves. But what if winning the war means losing herself?

Initial Thoughts – I love this series so much. I’ve been binge-reading it this week and I have a serious book hangover.
Plot – ★★★★★ This book certainly doesn’t suffer from Second Book Syndrome. It kept me turning the pages for hours and ignoring all of my other responsibilities.
Characters – ★★★★★ There are two major characters added in this story. I was worried that they would ruin the perfect dynamics of the first book, but they only added to them.
Story world – ★★★★★ Bracken has this story world developed very well. This book explored more of the twisting complexities.
Style – ★★★★★  I love Ruby’s voice in this series. It’s hauntingly beautiful.
Closing Thoughts – I have In The Afterlight sitting beside me as I write this. I can’t wait to dive into the last book of this series, even though I’m sad to see it end.
Recommendation – Recommended for lovers of fast action, quick getaways, and lovable characters.

(summary and cover from GoodReads)

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