Dynamic vs. Static Characters

60 Second Advice by Anne Brees

The use of dynamic and static characters is essential to leaving your readers satisfied after finishing your story. Dynamic characters are characters who change throughout the story, while static characters do not change. 

Your main character, and most of your other essential characters, should be dynamic characters. In order for your story to feel complete, your character must change. Maybe your shy character finally is brave enough to fight for what she believes in. Your ruthless character learns mercy. Your quarrelsome character leans peace. Your main character must be a dynamic character.

The liar will always be a liar, even though your characters may (unfortunately for them) trust her. The thief will always be a thief. (Once again, unfortunate for your characters.) The kind will always be kind. (A little more fortunate for your characters.) Static characters can also help move along the plot and cause complications.

Is your main character a dynamic character? What is the change that your main character goes through?


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